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How To Care For Your Aligner?

Don’t eat meals using your aligner

The idea of removable aligners should be used in a positive way, that is, remove them when eating. That way, you preserve the object and facilitate cleaning. Even if you have already tried to eat with your aligner, try not to repeat.

Clean properly

The hygiene of your aligner is crucial during treatment, as this will ensure that they remain transparent and imperceptible, but mainly, clean and free of bacteria that can cause cavities.

With the recommendation of the orthodontist, you can use cleaning crystals, which will assist in the regular cleaning of your aligners.

Do not boil You should not place your plate in hot water, or even boil, as this can deform and spoil.

Tooth your teeth

Cleaning your teeth is also essential, as it preserves your oral health and keeps your braces clean.

Don’t forget your canister

Your aligner should always be kept in the canister. Avoid leaving it on counters or sinks so as not to lose it and not be exposed to dirt. Always take your box with you, especially to restaurants or other places where you need to remove the device, as wrapping it in a napkin is one of the main forms of loss.

Note: Before storing, do the proper cleaning

How to sanitize your aligner?

The cleaning process is simple, you will need items that you already use daily in brushing your teeth. Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush and use a small amount of toothpaste. Brush the inner and outer parts gently, removing impurities that are more adhered.

There are those who prefer to start by brushing the outer surface with the aligner still on the teeth, and then with it outside the mouth, sanitize the inside. After each cleaning you should rinse your material well with water at room temperature.

Some important recommendations: do not use denture cleaners and do not immerse your aligner in mouthwash solutions. Both can damage the surface and compromise the transparency of the device, making it more opaque and visible.

Daily oral cleaning

As explained, in order to eat and drink (except water), you must remove your aligners. After each meal, brush your teeth (prioritize soft brushes) and floss.

If you are unable to do a thorough cleaning, at least rinse and rinse your appliance under running water. This is just a measure for when you forget your material, the ideal is to always carry it with you.

To keep your teeth and mouth healthy, make regular visits to the dentist, so your orthodontic treatment will be complete.

The aesthetic orthodontic aligners perform a hygienic, comfortable treatment, with an invisible appearance and using modern technological resources.

All planning uses advanced software that more assertively estimates duration and results. Through an innovative method, they effectively and confidently correct the positioning of the teeth, transforming your smile

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