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Tips And Care For Those Using Orthodontic Braces

The orthodontic appliance is a very important resource to acquire a perfect smile when there is a need to use it. However, patients who benefit from this resource must incorporate some habits into their routine, so that the appliance is always well taken care of and fulfilling its function in the best possible way, in addition to ensuring the health of the teeth.

Avoid very hard foods

When foods are very hard, such as hazelnuts and chestnuts, they can cause the appliance to come loose from the teeth or deform brackets and threads. As we know that many hard foods are healthy, it is recommended that the patient looks for new ways to eat them, in a way that does not cause friction with the orthodontic appliance. Crushed or cut into small pieces is a great alternative to not deprive your food and take care of your smile.

Always have orthodontic wax

As the orthodontic appliance can sometimes hurt the lining of the mouth or even loosen something, it is important that the patient always has an orthodontic wax close by. So, just put a small amount of the product to protect the affected area, until a dentist is consulted.

Brush your teeth after every meal

With brackets, the accumulation of residues increases considerably in patients using orthodontic braces. For this reason, brushing should be performed after all meals, and in addition to using the regular toothbrush, it is necessary to use an interdental brush, which cleans the area around the brackets and between the wire and the tooth correctly. 


Out of laziness, many people skip this stage of oral hygiene. This cannot happen, as it is in the middle of the teeth that a large part of food waste is accumulated, causing a series of oral diseases such as caries, gingivitis, and periodontitis. The dental floss can continue to be easily used, even when the patient has an orthodontic appliance, just use the dental floss, which is a kind of needle that helps to floss the dental floss under the wire and proceed with cleaning.

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